Compliment Circles: The 4th-grade students created compliment circles and learned what makes a good compliment. The following is the list they created:

  • Compliments should be kind.
  • Compliments should be meaningful.
  • Compliments should be specific.
  • To receive a compliment, you should always reply with "Thank you."

High-Effort: Third grade students discussed the higher your effort, the hotter your grade. The students explored ways that they can improve their effort to reach the top of the effort scale. Some ways to work towards those goals are:

  • Having an accountability partner
  • Using all of the work time that a teacher gives them
  • Checking over their work before turning it in

The Power of Yet: The second grade students are talking about the power of the word "yet." There are many things that we can not do....yet. They are working towards the things they can not do quite yet.

Anger Thermometers: The first grade students are learning about controlling emotions. They are also talking about how everyone has different emotions about different things. The important part is understanding how to interpret those emotions.

Whole Body Listening: The Kindergarten students have done a fantastic job learning Whole Body Listening with Larry. Listening is more than with just our ears. We listen with our hands, feet, ears, eyes, mouths, brain, body, and heart.

Confidence: The TK students are all about confidence. They explored the many things they are confident at, and what it looks like when we feel confident.

What is new in the Middle School?

Careers Class

The 7th grade students have finished up their careers class. Here is a run down of some things that were covered;

  • Personality Surveys
  • Career Interest Inventories
  • Career Research
  • Character Development
  • Different types of colleges