Our Mission

Preparing students to be lifelong learners and productive and engaged citizens by ensuring all students success through a strong foundation of learning skills.

About Us

Little Royals Preschool makes an effort to provide a high quality learning environment. Our program uses Teaching Strategies Creative Curriculum where children learn through play-based, hands-on investigations and is a research-based approach that incorporates social-emotional, cognitive, language, literacy and mathematics throughout the day. We also implement Launchpad from Really Great Reading Curriculum that targets literacy skills in phonics and phonological awareness.

Our preschool offers a full-day from 8:05 am to 3:20pm, Monday thru Thursday program. Call our office today to register your child. 

Remsen Elementary School 511 Roosevelt St. Remsen, IA 51050 Phone Number: (712) 786-1101

Contact Your Teachers

Megan Kramer: Preschool Teacher/ECSE Teacher, Little Royals Preschool 712-786-1101 megan.kramer@mmcruroyals.org

Rachael Tuttle: Preschool Teacher/ECSE Teacher, Little Royals Preschool 712-786-1101 rachael.tuttle@mmcruroyals.org

Ronda Bottjen- Paraprofessional Jane Bork- Paraprofessional